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Freeway - PRO ACTIV



The FREEWAY makes your wheelchair an all-terrain vehicle. In just a few steps the amazingly light FREEWAY is coupled to your wheelchair, and off you go: whether you're on forest paths, cobblestones, snow or sand, the FREEWAY makes travelling easy! The wheelchair is still pushed forward as usual via the handrims, the caster wheels are slightly above the ground. And everyone who has tried it before can confirm: a 20'' wheel handles obstacles significantly more easily than a 4'', 5'' or 6'' wheel. The FREEWAY thus provides an entirely new freedom of movement! Even on hilly routes the FREEWAY has tremendous benefits. Uphill it is an enormous relief for the accompanying person pushing the wheelchair for support, downhill the vehicle moves by itself. The user steers and brakes using the FREEWAY. The steering damper keeps the device on a straight track, even when there is no hand on the handle bar. Curves can easily be managed via the steering system, and not as normally through braking and pushing motions on the handrims, which always lead to a loss of momentum. Those who already have a PRO ACTIV adaptive bike can couple the FREEWAY to the wheelchair via the frame adapter already in place.




Freeway Outdoor-Radvorsatz Adatation



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