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The SNOW SLIDER is a ski walker that is fully adjustable and lightweight.

It is different from any other snow walkers as it has cant and wedge capability which allows to be turned by the skier.

This is a steerable and multifunctional stand-up aid that has a full range of body adjustement that includes vertical twist of the cuff, forearm angle (both vertical and horizontal),forearm length, forearm height above the snow, arm width.

The wide range of steering and speed control adjustments enable the students with various skill and levels to ski on varying terrain and snow conditions.

It comes with a second pair of short "quick replaceable lower tubes" to turn this into a Junior. With both sets of "lower tubes", it can accommodate individuals from approximately 7" (17 cm) to 3' (8 cm).

It also includes a pair of Instructor handles and a Spreader/cross bar. All adjustments are by either "skewer" or "knob", there are no tools needed to make adjustments. Tether attachments are located at binding and waist locations. Individuals who need upper body or whole body stabilization as well as visually impairs will be delighted by this equipment.