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Raptor4all - PRO ACTIV



The RAPTOR 4all offers a high level of flexibility for racers. It is suitable as an entry-level racing bike but also for experienced drivers who want to make flexible settings on an ongoing basis. The length and angle of the bottom bracket position can be adjusted. So the ideal position can be defined in a practical test and the settings made if the requirements change. The backrest angle is infinitely adjustable without tools. That way it can also be quickly adjusted to your needs when you are on the road. The exchangeable axle pipe also enables quick conversion of the RAPTOR 4all to a time trial bike with minimal width and wheels behind the body. Two different frame sizes provide the opportunity to select the best frame for the user. High-quality gear and braking components from the bike frame ensure precise switching and braking processes. For transportation, the complete drive unit can be removed using a quick lock so you can achieve a small packing size with a few hand movements.


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