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XC Sprint

XC Sprint

Our new top of the range “SprintXC” cross country ski is conceived for racers and those wanting performance and speed.

Four styles of frame will allow the user and choose the optimal position to reach the top step of the podium.


Frame : made of light weight aircraft quality aluminium

Four styles of frame 

XC Model 1

Similar to Model #3, but uses a Glove Seat, which

has more back support.



XC Model 2

This model, uses a Glove Seat and puts legs

closer to body, so that your Center of Gravity 

is not as far forward.




XC Model 3

This model uses an Aspen Seat. It is customizable 

to your leg & thigh lengths.  It is for those who want 

their legs further out front.



Model 4

Primarily for Double Amputees, but also can be

adapted to allow your feet to be underneath you.

This is becoming a very popular model as more

and more people want their feet tucked underneath.



Fixed or telescopic footrest 

Compatible with standard cross country skis binding (recommended SNS Salomon profile 


Weight (without skis) : 11 Lbs

Colour : Aluminium


Standard glove seating system with foam padding available in two sizes:

Junior (up to 13”)     Adult (up to 16”) 



CUSTOMIZED SEAT, supplied on option

 Completely customized 



 If you would like more information about the buying process or are ready to make your purchase please contact